Yellow Sun Incense Burner Hand Carved for Incense Sticks


SKU: CC54-1

FREE 15 gm packet of  Satya with every Incense Burner

Painted soapstone carved all round with a face in the sun and leaf pattern design. It is approx. 29 cm tall.  The base has a rubber cork with a hole for your incense stick to sit.

Incense burners are a perfect alternative to air fresheners, the natural fragrances are diffused by the carving and keep the home fresh for approx. 24 hours per stick or cone.  The added bonus is that these soapstone burners look stunning as an ornament on their own as well. With the huge range there is a soapstone incense burner colour for every home.

This is a slow burning incense burner as the only carvings are around the Sun's face.

Incense towers are a great way to burn incense sticks, the carved designs help to diffuse the smoke and spread the aroma around the room unlike the steady stream of smoke that is given off from a normal holder. Our towers have the added bonus of containing the ash and keeping it tidy while it is burning.

All our towers are hand carved from natural soapstone and have a primitive art look and feel about them. No two are exactly the same