Woodland Home Incense Holder

woodland home round incense burner with hand painted tree home for incense sticks and cones comes with palo santo and pinon pine incense packet by tribal soul
close up picture of hand painted woodland home in a tree incense burner
close up of round soapstone handpainted incense holder
woodland home incense holder showing an incense stick burning.
felt bottom of incense holder

DMRLS Wellbeing


Hand painted Woodland Home Incense holder for incense sticks and cones.

This beautiful hand crafted incense holder has been hand painted onto a round soapstone disc.  The doorway is indented where an incense cone can sit with two holes available for your incense sticks.  The base has a felt bottom.

Comes with a 15 gram packet of Tribal Soul  Palo Santo and Pinon Pine.  This high quality incense  has an amazing fragrance that will last for 24 hours in your home.

Always keep incense holders/burners out of reach of children and animals.