Wooden Star Incense Stick Incense Burner 27 cm

Wooden incense burner ash catcher twenty seven centimetres long with five golden stars either side and a larger star at the bottom with a hole at the other end to fit your incense stick in to.


SKU: IN22928D

This is a lovely simple design of a long wooden Star incense stick burner.

The Star is a great symbol for truth, spirit and hope whilst embodying the vision of spiritual awakening in all of us and our connection to the universe. 

There is a pattern of Star either side with a single Star at the bottom.  There is a hole positioned at the other end to place your incense stick, the length of wood then catches the ash dropped.

It is always best to place a mat under the incense burner to catch any falling ash that misses your burner to protect the furniture.

The wooden burner is approx. 27cm long (10.5").