Tribal Soul Incense Sticks Set of Four 15 grams by Hari Darshan

Har Darshan


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Myrrh is a natural resin extracted from the Commiphora tree.  Myrrh has a warm, spicy, balsamic scent which favours meditation and spiritual up liftment.


Palo Santo has a sweet, balsamic, and herbal scent, wonderfully calming and soothing, which carries a powerful energy of healing and purification.  Palo Santo, (Bursera gravelolens), means "holy wood" and is a wild tree that grows in the Amazon Rainforests of Ecuador and Peru.  It belongs to the same family as Copal, Myrrh and Frankincense.


Copal, has a rich sweet, piney smell that brings peace and harmony.  Copal originates from the Aztec Nahuatil word 'Coalli' and refers to the variety of resins extracted from the trees of the "Bursera" family.


White SAGE (Salvia apiana) is a plant from the mint family, used as an incense for centuries, the Native Indians of North America have been initiating their purification ceremonies and healing sessions by burning it's dried leaves into smudge sticks.  White sage has a highly aromatic and resinous scent that enables greater capacity of concentration and greater ease of relaxation.

Please note: Although the packaging states "smudge sticks," the packet in fact contains a bundle of Indian stick incenses / joss sticks.

15gm packets containing approx. 12 sticks

The packets are beautifully presented with an inner sleeve that holds the incense sticks and a feather.