Satya White Sage Dhoop Incense Cones

Box of 12 Satya White Sage incense cones.
single packet of Satya white sage incense cones/



White Sage is a sweet fragrance leaving your home feeling clean and fresh and making you feel refreshed as well.

White Sage has always been used through the ages throughout different countries as a healing herb, cleanser and purifier, spiritually.  With its botanical name Salvia Apiana (the Latin name Salvia meaning Good Health) this pretty perennial plant is a perfect incense to burn.

Used generally to keep your home fresh and cleansed and/or cleanse spiritually, healing a stressful day or cleanse negativity from your home this is a beautiful incense to use.

Each Incense cone is manufactured in India.

Simply light the Incense cone and wait until the end glows. Blow out the flame and place the Incense cone in the Incense Holder/Burner. The wonderful scent of White Sage will fill your home.

There is usually approx. 10 cones to each packet and comes with a small round soapstone disc for you to place your incense, if you do use this please make sure you have a plate underneath to collect the ash.

 BNG - Made in Bangalore.