Satya Sacred Lama Incense Sticks 15 gram packets

Box of 12 x 15 gram packets of Satya Sacred Lama incense sticks in a rich purple packaging with gold lettering and the green leaf emblem BNG
single 15 gram packet of Satya Sacred Lama incense sticks with purple packaging and gold word and green leaf emblem



Satya Sacred Lama- is a good incense to use for meditation, yoga and prayer.  The ingredients used combine to give you a heady aroma.

The word "Sacred" basically means connected to God, a God or dedicated to a religious purpose whereas "Lama means a Spiritual Leader in Tibetan Buddhism. 

The packaging is the updated quality with the fragrance burning for 30 minutes.  This scent moved easily around the lower home reaching the top of the stairs after it had burnt down but not completely to the upper rooms.

When lit the aroma smells amazing packed with herbs, resins and spices to give you a mix of incense that benefits its name; as it burns down you can definitely catch the punchy undertone of a fruity scent.  The fragrance lasted for a day before dissipating.

Green leaf symbol - BNG

Hand rolled - eco friendly packaging - not tested on animals 

15 gram packet - approx. 12 to 15 sticks.  When burning incense keep out of reach of children and pets.  Never leave unattended.