Satya Midnight Incense Sticks 15 grams

Box of 12 x 15 gram packets of Satya Midnight incense sticks with black packaging.
single 15 gram packet of Satya Midnight  incense sticks in black packaging.



Midnight is a strong incense which has a main sandalwood base smell when lit. 

It is one of our much stronger fragrances that we sell, very much like Superhit but with a slightly sweeter hue.  It is perfect for bringing your energy levels back up and freshens the entire home effortlessly.

if you feel yourself feeling a bit negative or low in energy spiritually & physically a little burst from this incense is the perfect pick you up and worth a try.

Like all Satya incense this is high quality and is perfect for your home.

In our opinion, traditionally, much better than modern air fresheners.

Will burn for approx. 30 minutes

Approx. 12 incense sticks per 15 gm packet.

LLP - Made in Mumbai.