Satya Lemongrass Fragrance Oil 30 ml bottle

30 ml Bottle of Satya Lemongrass fragrance oil for freshening your home and keeping away gnats and flies



Satya Lemongrass Fragrance Oil in 30 ml Bottles.

You cannot beat this amazing Lemongrass fragrance; it is a staple incense to have in your home and the perfect scent to help you begin your journey into incense or fragrance oil.

Satya have captured this wonderful fragrance in a 30 ml fragrance oil bottle to use in your oil burner or potpourri.

Lemongrass is perfect for freshening your home with its crisp citrusy aroma that will also help keep gnats and flies away too.

Just add a few drops into water in your oil burner and let the fragrance drift around your home.  Keep oil burners away from children and pets.

BNG made in Bangalore.