Satya Dragons Blood Dhoop Incense Cones

picture showing a full box of Satya Dragons Blood incense cones
one packet of Satya Dragons Blood incense cones



Probably one of our most popular incense with the most awesome fragrance.  When lit your home will be filled with a sweet but subtle scent that will last for a good 12 hours +.

Dragons Blood incense is derived from a powder which is collected from various palm trees; from their fruit i.e the Malaysian Palm or from the stem of the Dragon Tree. (Daemonorops) or (Calamos)Draco.  Throughout the years it has been used for medicinal purposes, but today we have the incense sticks & cones that when burnt offer protection for your home by removing anything negative from it.

In witch craft and pagan it can be used for ritual purposes, spells to bring someone back that has left, protection and love.

Or, if like me, you just wish to burn this wonderful incense just for its beautiful scent and fragrance, this is the perfect incense to use.

Sometimes, its not about what the fragrance is supposed to do but all about how it makes you feel.

Each Incense cone is manufactured in India.

Simply light the Incense cone and wait until the end glows. Blow out the flame and place the Incense cone in the Incense Holder/Burner. The wonderful scent of Dragons Blood will fill your home.

There is usually approx. 10 cones to each packet and comes with a small round soapstone disc for you to place your incense, if you do use this please make sure you have a plate underneath to collect the ash.

Made in Banglaore