Round Pentagram Incense Holder and Coaster

DMRLS Wellbeing


Hand made and painted round Soapstone Pentagram Incense holder.

Can take up to two incense sticks and incense cone, we always suggest using the small clay or metal dish that comes with your packet to keep your incense burner clean with incense cones.

Soapstone is an amazing stone which absorbs the warmth of an incense stick or cone without harming your furniture's surface.  For this purpose it also makes a fantastic decorative coaster for your drinks.

For those of you who love the Arthurian legend you will recognise this symbol is often seen on the the shield of Sir Gawain.  It is also used to protect against evil and is largely associated with Wicca.

The beautiful simple design can be purchased as a single coaster/incense holder or as a pair.

Always keep away from children and animals.