Red Charcoal Burner with 6 Herbs Starter Pack



The following is a great set to have when you begin burning herbs.  It comes with a Charcoal Burner, pack of Charcoal and 6 different herbs with varied attributes.  Each herb will come packed separately and clearly marked in a brown paper bag.  The total weight of all the herbs will be approx 35 grams.


This is a really sweet charcoal burner that is used with incense granules, herbs or resin.Red burner with decorative leaf and flower design.Perfect for purification rituals and incense ceremonies or just to burn resin to freshen your home with the lovely fragrances of incense.Please insure that you place the burner on a fireproof plate or dish to protect your furniture and the burner is kept out of reach of children and pets. 


Balm of Gilead (Populus Candicans) is from the variety of Bursera family and are native to Africa and Asia; the North American variety can grow to 100 feet (30metres).

The herbs name comes from the ancient region of Gilead in Palestine which was known for its great healing powers in the balm.

When you burn the Balm of Gilead it will promote powerful healing, wholeness and attract love.  Burn on a Charcoal or sprinkle on burning Sage.


Cedar (Libcedrus Decurrens) has a wonderful scent that just like Juniper takes me back to nature.  There is something just soothing and tranquil about the scent that just frees your spirit.

The Native Americans used it as an offering to the Spirit World.  It is also used to help the body and mind in times of physical, mental or spiritual anxiety or stress.  Cedar when burnt can guide you spiritually to find purpose in your life or/and keep you on your chosen path. 


Four Directions herbs are made from Sweet Grass, Sage, Juniper, and Sage Flowers.

Many Native American Tribes used Sweet Grass in purification ceremonies and prayer whilst Sage is used in smudging for cleansing and healing with Juniper helping to release positive energy into the air that protects and purifies.


Juniper (Juniperus) has a lovely distinct smell that I love.

It is just one of those wonderful scents that brings you back to walks in the wood and grounds you like nature only can.

When burned as an incense it helps to release positive energy into the air that protects and purifies.


Sacred Feather Sage grows in the high deserts the USA, this particular Sage has a soft feathery foliage with a delicate fragrance of smoke that is uplifting.

Like Sage it can be used for spiritual cleansing and healing.


Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon Californicus) grows in the high mountains of the South Western States.

The Native Americans believed that Yerba Santa, when used in smudging, would clear away spirits and powerful emotions and help with depression.  It could also open a spiritual doorway.


Yerba Santa can be used to help in the aid of healing from respiratory conditions like coughs, colds and asthma.

You can light the herbs, wait a moment, then blow out the flames.  Fan the embers lightly to keep smouldering (may need to be re-lit).  Use the smoke to wash persons, property, or spaces.  

Or if you just love the fragrance burn to freshen your home.  Please remember to always use a shell or fire proof container.  Never leave unattended.