To start we have the beautiful Purple Pentagram Soapstone Incense Burner design, light carving all around with vents in the very top and side. It is approx. 28 cm tall.  The base has a rubber cork with a hole to let you stand your incense stick  and is made in a primitive fashion.

All the soapstone is different so even though the burner is painted each one will be unique.

To complement this burner we have the following incense sticks that you can use -

Dragons Blood perfect for removing negativity from your home and is perfect to use with ceremonies and ritual purposes.

Oodh is mostly made with Agarwood and has many health benefits.

Mother Earth is one of those fragrances that just makes you feel closer to nature when lit.  It freshens your home but the sweet scent is perfect for meditation.

Vampire Blood is a perfect addition for this gift collection, the herbal scent at the beginning giving way to a sweeter fragrance that lasts over 24 hours and allows you to achieve inner peace and tranquillity, perfect for meditation and cleansing your home.

White Copal is another incense that is perfect for uses of protection, offering and purification aiding in positive changes in your life.

Finally we have added Zen Meditation - any one that has started using this wonderful perfume has always ordered more.  The fragrance is sublime and is personally one of my favourites (which is probably why I keep running out of it!).

As it is a perfume oil the bonus is when you place it on your wrists the warmth from your body enhances its fragrance and it combines with your own making the perfume unique to each person that wears it.

To complement all of this you will receive an information sheet giving some background and information about each product. 

Enjoy x