Pentagram Incense Burner for Incense Sticks


SKU: CC10-1

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Burning incense is a lovely way to bring natural fragrances into your home, used to burn incense for your pleasure and for the sentiment that comes with them. Painted soapstone with pentagram pattern design, light carving all around with vents in the very top only. It is approx. 28 cm tall.  The base has a rubber cork with a hole to let you stand your incense stick

A striking burner with top ventilated design in which the incense sticks burn slightly slower.

The main colour is purple which has been hand painted onto the incense burner whilst the pentagram has been etched into the burner giving a magical contrast.  

For those of you who love the Arthurian legend you will recognise this symbol which is on the the shield of Sir Gawain.  It is also used to protect against evil and is largely associated with Wicca.

I personally love using this incense burner if I wish to cleanse my home when using incense such as White Sage, Dragon Blood, Sweetgrass or Palo Santo 

Incense towers are a great way to burn incense sticks, the carved designs help to diffuse the smoke and spread the aroma around the room unlike the steady stream of smoke that is given off from a normal holder. Our towers have the added bonus of containing the ash and keeping it tidy while it is burning.

All our towers are hand carved from natural soapstone and have a primitive art look and feel about them. No two are exactly the same.