Palo Santo Wood 30 grams High Grade

Flourecent Range


Palo Santo also known as "Holy Wood" is burnt for purifying and cleansing as well as healing.  It also enhances creativity and helps with meditation.

Used in Peru and Ecuador for centuries our Palo Santo comes from sustainable harvested naturally downed trees.

Burn the wood as you would incense or smudge sticks.  Light and allow to burn momentarily, blow out the flame and fan the ember.  You may need to re-light.  Then you can "wash" person/persons, places or property with smoke.  The more wood there is the easier it is to keep the ember going.

Please remember to always use a shell or fire proof container.  Never leave unattended.

We try to make sure that we use as little plastic as possible and our smudges, wood and herbs are bought in bulk and packed in air tight containers.  When posted they will be wrapped in brown paper and placed in a cardboard outer.  Try to keep the product in an airtight container, a glass jar or similar.

Approx. 3 to 4 sticks per 30 grams.