Natural Soy Wax Melts Old Ginger Set of 6

Ancient Wisdom


Old Ginger Natural Soy Wax Melts by Ancient Wisdom.

These Mushroom shaped wax melts come in a set of 6.  They are all made using natural Soy, and contain no paraffin.  Just pop one into your oil burner to get this fantastic aroma around your home  for a fresh, fragrant scent.

Great spicy wax melt .

Each wax melt is approx. 4 cm high x 4 cm deep.

Each wax melt is approx. 20g to 30g

Each set of 6 will be packed using recycled wax paper (from the back of our label sheets).  We are an avid promoter of using recycled products, materials in our packaging.  Each set of 6 will be placed in a large letter for ease of postage.