Natural Palo Santo Soap

Flourecent Range


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A wonderful herb soap made naturally with vegetable oil and natural herbs perfect for cleaning your skin gently and leaving you with a fresh feeling.

Palo Santo has been added to a vegetable oil with the fragrance being released when you lather the soap bringing the fresh scent of nature to you, it is perfect if you just love this fragrance but the attributes that Palo Santo have can also help as Palo Santo is perfect to relieve stress and anxiety but also promotes positivity and joy. 

I love the information written on the label :-  Our soaps are all natural, for a true cleansing experience, physically and spiritually.  No Tallow (Animal Fat), no urea (Urine), or other bizarre ingredients; just clean natural vegetable oils and natural herbs.

The bars are approx. 130 grams each and vary in colour, as with all heavier ingredients the herbs or wood may lay lower down in the mould.

We always try to make sure we have as little impact on nature as possible with our products and packaging so we will either have items in natural pre-packaging or we will send the product wrapped in brown paper if delivered loose.

The Palo Santo soap comes from Fluorescent Ranch based in Grand Mesa Colorado where they produce various Native American products. 

May contain traces of nuts and seeds.