Mushroom Troll Backflow incense Burner

Mushroom Troll backflow incense burner with smoke running from his nostrils onto his half eaten mushroom.
front picture of the Mushroom Troll backflow burner holding  his half eaten mushroom / toadstool, standing on his black mat.
top picture of Mushroom Troll with Backflow cone sitting upon his head.
Back picture of the Mushroom Troll with his sack upon his back with his collection of mushrooms.
Side view of Mushroom Troll backflow burner with the troll holding his sack standing on his black mat.
Opposite side of Mushroom Troll backflow burner.
Mushroom Troll backflow incense holder showing slightly angled front view of the Troll.
back view of Mushroom Troll backflow burner with his sack of mushrooms.



This cute Mushroom Troll Backflow incense burner is approx. 16.5cm tall with an ugly cuteness about him.  When you light the backflow incense cone the smoke will drift from his nostrils down onto his bitten mushroom then onto the ground.

To protect your furniture the troll comes with a mat for you to place him on.  The top has a small brass lid where you can place your incense cone, this can be taken off if you wish to clean it.

As soon as I saw this little cheeky chap I realised it had to be added it to our backflow burners.  This colourful Troll is perfect and will entertain when used.

The burner will come with an instruction sheet and is securely placed in its own cardboard outer/box.