Mini Smudge Sticks Sage Mugwort and Cedar

Flourecent Range


From the USA here you have 3 mini Smudge sticks all approx. 8 cm long.

The herb smudge sticks in this set are Sage, Mugwort and Cedar all of which smell divine.

The Smudge sticks are used to cleanse negative energies for either a person or a home. 

Light the smudge stick, wait a moment, then blow out the flames.  Fan the embers lightly to keep smouldering (may need to be re-lit).  Use the smoke to wash persons, property, or spaces.  

Or if you just love the fragrance burn to freshen your home.  Please remember to always use a shell or dish to catch the falling ash.

On a more practical note when I just wish to clean the air I love to light one of these smudges taking them from room to room and the difference is just instant especially in my sons bedroom!