Lotus Oil Burner Gift Set includes Wax Melts

DMRLS Wellbeing


This is a lovely black oil burner Gift Set with a decorative Lotus pattern throughout the body of the burner perfect for Fragrance oils and Wax Melts.

The dish sits on top allowing you fill it with water and a few drops of the fragrance, if you prefer a mild scent only put a couple of drops in, for a stronger fragrance place more drops in to the water.

The tea light sits at the base and as it warms the water the evaporation will release the fragrance in to your home.

The added beauty of an oil burner (especially in the darker nights) is the tea light will shine through the decoration casting wonderful designs about the room with its warm glow, looking stunning.

Please keep out of reach of children and animals.

Comes with 12 Tuberose Natural Soy Wax Melts in a glass jar.

These small Smiling Heart shaped wax melts are all made using natural Soy, and contain no paraffin.  Just pop one into your oil burner to get this fantastic aroma around your home  for a fresh, fragrant scent.

Tuberose is good for balancing your emotions and stress as well for romantic evenings in.

Each wax melt is approx. 2.5cm.