Lady of the Lake Greeting Birthday Card by Briar

Lady of the Lake Birthday Greeting Card has a transparent lady of the lake standing in the water holding Excalibur with Merlin standing on the waters edge holding a red dragon headed staff with a young Arthur his shoulder and arm painted in Celtic symbols.



Lady of the Lake Birthday / Greeting card by Briar is from an original painting by this renowned world artist.

If you love anything to do with Merlin or King Arthur this is a great card to give depicting the Lady of the lake giving the Druid Merlin and a young Celtic King Arthur the sword.

A really great birthday/greeting card to have for anyone who loves fantasy art.  The card has been left blank so you can write your very own special message.  

The card measures 17 cm x 12 cm and is printed using vegetable inks on cards made from sustainable trees.  Envelope may very from the one shown