Incense Holder Gift Set Elephant Carved Burner with Hari Darshan Incense

DMRLS Wellbeing


Incense holder gift set includes a beautiful red coloured elephant carved incense burner with soapstone base for incense sticks and incense cones.  Approx. 25.5 cm tall with a base of 7 x 7 cm base.  Comes with 5 high quality incense stick fragrances from well known brand Hari Darshan from their Tales of India, Noor and Tribal Soul fragrances.

The Elephant symbolises so many good attributes they we can add to our everyday lives, patience, responsibility, determination, love and caring to family and others.  Spiritually the Elephant can help with strengthening us mentally, physically and spiritually.  

Incense burners are a perfect alternative to air fresheners, the natural fragrances are diffused by the carving and keep the home fresh for approx. 24 hours per stick or cone.  The added bonus is that these soapstone burners look stunning as an ornament on their own as well. With the huge range there is a soapstone incense burner colour for every home.

A striking burner with a lovely well ventilated design in which the incense sticks burn easily. This is a bottom incense stick burner where the incense stick is placed in the bottom

Incense towers are a great way to burn incense sticks, the carved designs help to diffuse the smoke and spread the aroma around the room unlike the steady stream of smoke that is given off from a normal holder. Our towers have the added bonus of containing the ash and keeping it tidy while it is burning.

As these incense burners are made from natural soapstone so colours will vary as no two are exactly the same.

You also have the added bonus of using the incense burner as a tea light holder in the evening, the same carving creating a beautiful glow throughout the soapstone holder. We recommend using an Led ta light as these do not get as hot as normal tea lights.

Incense fragrances are - Tales of India Maharani Dream & Monsoon Magic.  Noor - Oud Topaz and Oud Ruby.  Tribal Soul Palo Santo & Pinon Pine.

Your gift set will come complete with a how to use leaflet.