Illusion Birthday Greeting Card by Dashinvaine

two dark fairies with black wings facing each other against an oval window where the snowy scene, picket fence and trees give an illusion of a skull.



Illusion Birthday / Greeting card by Dashinvaine.  Take a good look at how this artist has produced this amazing picture. The two angels and fence, trees and snow scene make a skull.

Accompanying envelope is designed by Anne Stokes whilst the relief inside the card is by Dashinvaine, opposite the card has been left blank for your own personal message.

If you know someone that has an interest in art or the unusual this card will be perfect for them as a birthday or greeting card.

Printed on FSC accredited paper with vegetable based ink by a printer who conforms to all ISO standards, tree friendly.

Card size 12 cm by 17 cm.  Envelope may vary from one shown.