Heart Flowers and Leaves Incense Burner Hand Painted



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I really enjoyed creating this version of our hand painted flower incense tower. I really  wanted to convey a simplistic design like those you see on Mexican pottery.  it just makes you feel really good when you see these pottery designs, i hope they bring a bit of sunshine into your home.

Flowers are a wonderful design because they symbolise happiness, positive vibes, wealth, fortune and beauty.  When used with incense like Cinnamon, Frangapani, Jasmine and Patchouli to name a few will increase its strength.

A striking burner with a lovely well ventilated design in which the incense sticks burn easily.

Burning incense is a lovely way to bring natural fragrances into your home, used to burn incense for your pleasure and for the sentiment that comes with them.  Approx. 27.5 cm tall with a base of 7.5 cm. This is a beautifully hand carved soapstone incense burner with a pretty heart flower pattern with polished finish.  The base is solid soapstone and has five holes to let you chose where to place your incense stick.

Incense towers are a great way to burn incense sticks, the carved designs help to diffuse the smoke and spread the aroma around the room unlike the steady stream of smoke that is given off from a normal holder. Our towers have the added bonus of containing the ash and keeping it tidy while it is burning.

These incense burners are made from natural soapstone so colours will vary as no two are exactly the same.

You also have the added bonus of using the incense burner as a tea light holder in the evening, the same carving creating a beautiful glow throughout the soapstone holder.

We recommend that you us the battery led tea lights as they do not get as hot as the traditional tea lights.