Hari Darshan White Sage Incense Sticks 20 Sticks per Packet

Box of hari Darshan White sage Incense Sticks with single packet next to it the picture on the box shows a smudge in a container with white sage leaves around it.
Single packet of twenty white sage incense sticks inside.  the packaging has a picture of a smudge in a container with flowers sitting on white sage leaves.

Hari Darshan


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White Sage is a firm favourite with each incense manufacturer having their own take on this popular fragrance.  Hari Darshan do not disappoint with their interpretation of this firm favourite.

The incense burns at a slow steady pace with the rich herbal scent of the White sage being the base scent with the hint of sweeter fragrances intertwined that does not detract from the main ingredient.

The packet reads Spiritual Cleansing of places, people and objects.

Ethically produced, eco friendly product.  Child Labour Free. Hand Rolled.

Our single packets will be posted flat packed inside our large letter box, for ease of posting, whilst our 3 and 6 packet options will be posted securely wrapped in their packaging.

Each packet comes with 20 incense sticks.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.  never leave burning incense unattended and make sure all the ashes fall in to the ash catchers and/or burners.