Hari Darshan Sandal Incense Sticks 20 Sticks per Packet

Box of hari Darshan Incense sticks with single packet next to it. The packet has an elephant brightly decorated on it.
One packet of Hari Darshan Incense sticks. twenty sticks per packet. The picture of the packet is of an elephant highly decorated in Indian design. reads Good Fortune, Success and Balance

Hari Darshan


An amazing, lovely, smooth incense to light.  The burn time is quite long with the incense burning for about 35 minutes before finishing which was plenty of time for the fragrance to move around the room.  Sandal is a pleasant soft scent which when burn aids melancholy and like Lavender will help with a restful nights sleep.  This is another great incense to burn for meditation.

The packet reads Good Fortune, Success and balance.

Ethically produced, eco friendly product.  Child Labour Free. Hand Rolled.

Our single packets will be posted flat packed inside our large letter box, for ease of posting, whilst our 3 and 6 packet options will be posted securely wrapped in their packaging.

Each packet comes with 20 incense sticks.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.  never leave burning incense unattended and make sure all the ashes fall in to the ash catchers and/or burners.