Hari Darshan Lemon Incense Sticks 20 Sticks per Packet

Hari Darshan Lemon incense sticks in a box with lemons picture on the packaging with a single packet next to it.
Single packet of Hari Darshan Lemon incense sticks in a hexagonal packet with the picture of Lemons on it.

Hari Darshan


WOW! Super fresh, super strong and amazingly zingy! 

If you love Lemons this is a must to add to your favourite list.  Lemon has that fantastic ability to cut through anything leaving your home feeling crisp and fresh plus Hari Darshan incense has one of the longest burn times and you will find these incense sticks last for about 30 to 40 minutes, bringing the scent of Lemon to each room easily and last just under 24 hours.  

Lemon is a wonderful incense to burn if you need purification of your home, great for love and healing plus when lit the fragrance clears the mind to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

The packet reads Cleansing and Protection of Home and Work.

Ethically produced, eco friendly product.  Child Labour Free. Hand Rolled.

Our single packets will be posted flat packed inside our large letter box, for ease of posting, whilst our 3 and 6 packet options will be posted securely wrapped in their packaging.

Each packet comes with 20 incense sticks.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.  never leave burning incense unattended and make sure all the ashes fall in to the ash catchers and/or burners.