Hari Darshan Lavender Incense Cones

Box of 12 packets with one packet out front of Lavender Hari Darshan incense cones.
Single packet of Lavender incense cones with 10 cones per packet, packet illustrates lavender flower.

Hari Darshan


Beautiful incense to burn to aid stress, sleep and meditation.  The fragrance is not too sweet and has a wonderful herbal undertone to the aroma as your incense cone burns.  Hari Darshan incense has one of the longest burn times and you will find these incense sticks last for about 20 to 30 minutes, bringing the scent of Lavender to each room easily and last just under 24 hours.  10 incense cones per packet.

Perfect for Cleanings, healing, love, happiness and relieve of stress helping you to sleep restfully.

The packet reads Purification, Serenity and Optimism.

Hari Darshan incense cones are made from an ancient recipe combining natural ingredients, Indian herbs and flowers, resins and fragrances based on essential oils.  These cones will add a mystic charm and lighten up the ambience of your environment with their exclusive lingering fragrance.

Ethically produced, eco friendly product.  Child Labour Free.