Hari Darshan Guardian Angel Incense Sticks Hand Rolled

Hari Darshan


A beautiful incense to burn throughout the year to clear your mind and help with relaxation and meditation.  The fresh pine undertone is pleasantly mixed with herbs and resin to add a hint of crisp citrus fragrances and aromas.  The incense will burn nice and slowly allowing the scent to reach all corners of your home clearing away any negativity and offering protection.  This is a perfect incense to burn to attain spiritual guidance.

The packet reads Refuge, Protection and Spiritual Guidance

Ethically produced, eco friendly product.  Child Labour Free.

Our single packets will be posted flat packed inside our large letter box, for ease of posting, whilst our 3 and 6 packet options will be posted securely wrapped in their packaging.

Each packet comes with 20 incense sticks.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.  never leave burning incense unattended and make sure all the ashes fall in to the ash catchers and/or burners.