Hari Darshan Copal Incense Cones

Box of Hari Darshan Copal incense cones in red packaging
one packet of Hari Darshan Copal incense cones with ten cones to the packet

Hari Darshan

SKU: DM528

Copal incense cones by Hari Darshan are made using pure Copal and the effect is amazing, the fragrance stays within the home for a good 24 hours with the incense cone lasting a good 20 to 30 minutes when lit.  There are 10 incense cones per packet.

Traditionally used for removing negative energy and spiritual cleansing Copal is also burnt to purify and protect, bringing positivity and creativity into your life.  Copal's other uses can be to use to connect with spirits.

The packet reads:- Purification, Meditation and Protection.

Hari Darshan incense cones are made from an ancient recipe combining natural ingredients, Indian herbs and flowers, resins and fragrances based on essential oils.  These cones will add a mystic charm and lighten up the ambience of your environment with their exclusive lingering fragrance.