Hari Darshan Citronella Incense Cones

Box of 12 paqckets of Hari Darshan Citronella incense cones gnat deterrent.
single packet of Hari Darshan Citronella incense cones gnat detterent.

Hari Darshan


Citronella incense cones by Hari Dashan - has that sharp citrus fragrance that is strong and pungent.  Whether it is Gardening, Fishing, Camping or you just want to have a lazy day in the garden sunbathing there is nothing worse than those pesky gnats buzzing about and you find that at the end of the day your skin looks like a pink Dalmatian and you are scratching away.

Citronella has been used for many years as a natural deterrent against the little critters and effective too.

When the incense cone is lit it will start with a gush of smoke that slows down immediately producing a nice steady stream that has a steady stream.  The fragrance was crisp and sharp.

The incense cone will last about 20 minutes depending on the breeze.  Like the large  Citronella incense sticks these are best used outside and with the smoke drifting away from you.

They are also perfect to place just outside your back door so that the wind will drift the Citronella across your doorway making sure that no gnats will enter your home.

The information on the package reads - Peace and Purity at Home.

Hari Darshan incense cones are made from an ancient recipe combining natural ingredients, Indian herbs and flowers, resins and fragrances based on essential oils.  These cones will add a mystic charm and lighten up the ambience of your environment with their exclusive lingering fragrance.

This incense cone burnt nicely for 25 minutes and the aroma lasted nicely for the rest of the day.

10 cones per packet.