Guided by Northern Lights Christmas Card by Briar

Guided by the Northern Lights Christmas Card with a dwarf lighting a candle on a reindeers antler surrounded by Holly and has words Yultide Greetings bottom right hand corner.



A really sweet Christmas card printed from an original painting by Briar.

it shows an elf sitting on one of Santa's reindeer's antlers lighting a candle, from the corner you can just about make out the colours of the Northern Lights.  Above them you can see the mistletoe and below the Holly with the words Yuletide Greetings.

The inside left of the card has a wonderful relief of an elf with an owl flying above next to a man carved in a tree whilst the fox sleeps soundly in the corner.  On the right you can see a relief of a snowflake with the words Yuletide greetings in several languages.

(Please note envelope may differ from the one shown in photo).

Printed on sustainable card with vegetable oil based inks.  The size of the card is approx. 17cm x 12 xm.