Guardian Cobra Incense Holder Gift Set

DMRLS Wellbeing


Our Guardian Cobra Incense Cone Incense Holder Gift Set comes with eight different  Hari Darshan Incense Cone packets fragrances.

The Cobra is an amazing incense cone burner due to the way the incense smoke will slowly drift from the snake each time.  No one time is the same with the air pressure also playing a part in how the burner works, from stream, twirls and much more.

The incense will slowly drift from the holes along its body building up into the hood of the Cobra and then drifting from the mouth in either a stream, gentle floating or swirls.

The Hari Darshan incense cone packets with this Gift Set are:-

Coconut, Copal, Violet, Black Sandal, Lavender, Cinnamon, Meditation and Jasmine.

The base is lined with a fireproof material which stops any heat transference from the cone downwards on to the furniture.  We have also added a locking safety feature so that the cobra can be twisted onto the base and lock, making the snake safe and easy to use.

Approx. size 27 cm high with a 16 cm diameter at the base.