Green Tree Native Soul White Sage and Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

Green Tree


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Green Tree have now brought out a new range of incense called Native Soul with wonderful compilations to help you mind, body and soul.

This particular fragrance is amazing; they have combined White Sage and Dragons Blood and the result is wonderful.  This is a much warmer incense fragrance with the White sage and Dragons blood mixing perfectly.  You can definitely smell the herbal essence of the the Sage herb but with the woody fragrance of the Dragons Blood it really is pleasant. If you just burn incense for its fragrance this is a great one to have in your collection.

Packet info:-

WHITE SAGE (Salvia apiana) has been used for centuries as an incense by the Native Americans for their purification ceremonies and healing sessions.  Burning the dry leaves of this sacred herb, bundled in to smudge sticks, is believed to cleanse a space of any evil spirits.

DRAGONS BLOOD is used to drive away  negative energies and create a protection barrier.  This bright red resin, produced by different species of trees, bubbles red like blood when heated.

White Sage blends perfectly in this incense with warm amber notes of Dragons Blood, setting a calm mood and restoring balance to the mind and body.

Each Incense Stick is manufactured in India.

Simply light the Incense Stick and wait until the end glows. Blow out the flame and place the Incense Stick in the Incense Holder/Burner. The wonderful scent of Native Soul White Sage & Dragons Blood will fill your home.

Each Incense Stick is hand rolled using natural ingredients

Each Incense Stick is 8 inches in length

It will burn between 40-60 minutes depending upon conditions

Each packet weights 15g, contains minimum of 10 Incense Sticks