Green Tree Kabbalah Tree of Life Incense Sticks 15 gram

Box of Green Tree Kabbalah tree of Life incense sticks 12 x 15 gram packets.
Single 15 gram packet of Kabbalah tree of Life incense sticks.

Green Tree


Green Tree - Kabbalah Tree of Life aroma will reach all the rooms in your home quickly.  The fragrance is incredibly strong and rich, and this remains so even throughout the home.

Perfected to help remove negativity and purify your home, place, or person this incense is also very good for use with meditation.

These two names on the packaging in which Green Tree have combined beautifully to ensure peace and tranquillity which is perfect for meditation and other fragrances that will transport, you to India.

Kabbalah is the name of an old age wisdom that teaches how life and the universe work.  Central to kabbalah teaching is receiving satisfaction in your life.  Kabbalah does not have rules that much.  Everyone can learn the way he or she wants.

Tree of Life is a well-known spiritual symbol.  The Tree of Life stands for wisdom, power, and protection.  The roots, the trunk and the branches symbolise the developments that we as a human being are going through.  It is a universal sign that everyone understands.  With its trunk, roots and branches, the tree connects the underworld, the middle world, and the upper world.  The Tree of Life is loved worldwide.

The Green Tree brand is one of the incense brands that are traditionally hand-rolled in India.  They only use natural ingredients in their production.  The components are all from plants, trees, and flowers.  These natural raw materials help provide the best scent experience. 

Burn time 45 minutes.