Green Tree Hand of Fatima Fragrance Oil 10 ml Bottle

Green Tree Hand of Fatima fragrance oil in a 10 ml bottle standing by a box outer of 12.
10 ml bottle of Green Tree hand of Fatima fragrance oil with stopper.

Green Tree


Green Tree Hand of Fatima fragrance oil is packed full of oriental herbs, spices resins and oils that filled the room and drifted upstairs.  It was really amazing and is a perfect fragrance oil to burn if you are trying to relax or meditate, for me it really helped me chill out. 


Each fragrance oil is manufactured in India.

Simply add water to your oil burner top holder and pop a couple of drops of fragrance oil into the water (more if you prefer a stronger scent).  Light your tea light and place underneath and wait for the wonderful scent of Hand of Fatima will fill your home.

Each fragrance oil is made using natural ingredients