Green Tree Dragons Blood Incense Sticks 15 gram Packet

Green Tree


Green Tree – Dragons Blood.  When you open this packet, you will be bowled over by its wonderful fragrance.

It does not promote a lot of smoke and the aroma will move well within your home, not quite reaching upstairs but burning easily for just under an hour and remaining in your home for the day and early evening.

It has a sweeter scent than some of the other brands.  Dragons Blood has a sweet powdery scent created by using resins from the Dragons blood palm, mixed with sandalwood, cedar wood and labdanum which creates a magical atmosphere.

Traditionally used to remove negativity and purify, this incense has nailed it offering protection and love and can also be used for rituals.

Comes in 15 gram packets with approx. 10 to 12 incense sticks.  Burn time average 45 minutes.

Always keep out of reach of children and pets and flammable objects.