Green Tree Chakra Lotus Fragrance Oil

Green Tree Chakra Lotus fragrance oil for oil burrners and potpourri in a 10 ml bottle with dropper in pretty designed packaging.
10 ml bottle of Green Tree chakra lotus with dropper in front the packaging and bottle have a picture of a mandela and person meditating in a lotus flower.
10 ml bottle of Green Tree chakra lotus with dropper  in two boxes for oil burners and potpourri.
three 10 ml bottles of Gree Tree chakra lotus in their packaging fragrance oil for oil burners and potpourri.

Green Tree


Chakra Lotus is a wonderful fragrance oil when used in an oil burner and the scent lasts a good 12 to 24 hours.  Fragrance oils are a lovely addition to your collection, they have a much softer scent, with the oils making no smoke which makes it a great alternative to the incense stick or cone.

Chakra Lotus has a distinct sandalwood base but is infused with the sweet scent of flowers and pine.  It's fragrance makes you feel chilled and totally relaxed, a must for any busy lifestyle.  But I always say you should buy what you fell is right for you or how it makes your home smell, but I would recommend trying this fragrance oil brand as it is definitely a high quality well made fragrance oil.

Each fragrance oil is manufactured in India.

Simply add water to your oil burner top holder and pop a couple of drops of fragrance oil into the water (more if you prefer a stronger scent).  Light your tea light and place underneath and wait for the wonderful scent of 7 Angels will fill your home.

Each fragrance oil is made using natural ingredients