Green Tree Angel Dust Fragrance Oil

Green Tree


Angel Dust is a wonderful fragrance oil when used in an oil burner and the scent lasts a good 12 to 24 hours.  Fragrance oils are a lovely addition to your collection, they have a much softer scent, with the oils making no smoke which makes it a great alternative to the incense stick or cone.

The scent held a strong back note of rose but as the oil burnt down we could make out the other floral tones, all in all, it was a nice fragrance oil to burn and the fragrance reached all parts of our home.

This is a nice fragrance oil to burn if you just want to freshen or bring a little part of Spring into the home instantly. This has a much softer undertone compared to its incense.

Each fragrance oil is manufactured in India.

Simply add water to your oil burner top holder and pop a couple of drops of fragrance oil into the water (more if you prefer a stronger scent).  Light your tea light and place underneath and wait for the wonderful scent of Angel Dust will fill your home.

Each fragrance oil is made using natural ingredients