Green Incense Holder for Incense Sticks and Cones

photo showing the incense holder on its own showing carving.
Photo showing green carved incense holder standing next to solid base with incense cone sitting inside.
Photo showing close up of incense cone inside the soapstone base.
Photo showing someone holding the incense burner over the base with incense cone inside.
photo showing someone holding the incense holders top with an incense stick sitting inside the recycled rubber
photo showing someone replacing lid of incense holder with an incense stick inside.

DMRLS Wellbeing


This unique green incense burner has a top incense stick holder and a bottom incense cone holder allowing you to burn both incenses as well as a tea light to make an ornamental light in the evening.

The carving throughout the incense bottle / holder allows the incense smoke to diffuse around your home effortlessly.  To see our full review on our YouTube channel Dmrls Wellbeing click the link

Only 6 Available