Goloka Srilankan Cinnamon Pure Fragrance Oil

Goloka Srilankan Cinnamon fragrance oil for oil burners and potpourri in indian designed packaging.
This is a photo of a 10 ml bottle of Goloka Srilankan Cinnamon fragrance oil with the stopper in front and the outer packaging next to it.



Traditionally used for wealth, prosperity and business success it can also be used for healing and strengthening you psychic powers.

Bringing good luck into your life and the energy you will need to fulfil your goals attracting prosperity and good fortune.

Details of packet read Natural room refresher. 

To use just fill your oil burner with water and add approx. 5 drops of the oil.  Light your tea light and sit back and relax.

10ml bottle

Always keep oil burners out of reach of children and pets.

About Goloka

All proceeds from the distribution of Goloka brand products are used 100% charitable activities of ISKCON Bangalore like:

The Akshaya Pata Foundation - Providing Mid day meals to 1.7 million underprivileged children every school working day.

Promotion of Organic Farming - Training farmers on organic & bio dynamic farming and preserving Indian breeds of cows and bulls.

The Cultural Education services (CES) - aims at enhancing values and life skills in children through culture-related activities.