Goloka California White Sage Fragrance Oil for Oil Burner

Golka California White Sage fragrance oils in 10 ml bottles picture has packaging showing delightful indian pattern in yellows,greens and red on a box and one packet in front.
Goloka Californian White Sage  fragrance oil for oil burners and potpourri pictures show bottle in front of packaging.



White Sage is a sweet fragrance leaving your home feeling clean and fresh and making you feel refreshed as well.

White Sage has always been used through the ages throughout different countries as a healing herb, cleanser and purifier, spiritually.  With its botanical name Salvia Apiana (the Latin name Salvia meaning Good Health) this pretty perennial plant is a perfect fragrance oil to burn.

Use generally to keep your home fresh and cleansed and/or cleanse spiritually, healing a stressful day or cleanse negativity from your home this is a beautiful fragrance oil to use.

Details on the packet read Gives a positive boost to closed spaces, neutralises smoke and other odours

To use just fill your oil burner with water and add approx. 5 drops of the oil.  Light your tea light and sit back and relax.

10ml bottle

Always keep oil burners out of reach of children and pets.

About Goloka

All proceeds from the distribution of Goloka brand products are used 100% charitable activities of ISKCON Bangalore like:

The Akshaya Pata Foundation - Providing Mid day meals to 1.7 million underprivileged children every school working day.

Promotion of Organic Farming - Training farmers on organic & bio dynamic farming and preserving Indian breeds of cows and bulls.

The Cultural Education services (CES) - aims at enhancing values and life skills in children through culture-related activities.