Glimpse of a Unicorn Greeting Birthday Card by Anne Stokes

Birthday card by Anne Stokes with a Unicron walking trhough a glade in a forest with the sun shinning through the tree foliage above.
Inside of the card has a releif of a Unicorns head in a circle printed in blue and white.
front of envelope showing dragon and leaves.
back of envelope with leaves and dragon butterfly.



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Glimpse of a Unicorn is from an original painting by the renown artist Anne Stokes and is from her Enchanted Forest range.  Made from vegetable based oil on tree friendly cards.

This is a lovely enchanted picture of a Unicorn making its way through the forest with the late summers sun shining through the gaps giving a hazy orange glow to the forest floor.

Comes with a beautiful designed envelope also designed by Anne Stokes.

card measures 12 cm by 17 cm made with card from sustainable wood and printed using vegetable ink.