Fire Dragon Birthday Greeting card by Anne Stokes Draco Ignis

Fire Dragon birthday card with the adult dragon on a pile of rocks near volcanic activity and eggs and young dragons with them.
blue and white print of dragons inside



Fire Dragon Birthday / Greeting card by Anne Stokes is from an original painting from her Dragons collection.

All painted in a variety of rich red colouring  This collection is a great one to add for the birthdays that the zodiac associates with fire or just a Summer month.  Once more the main picture is a mother Dragon standing protectively before her eggs waiting to hatch with their young siblings nearby;  the landscape is volcanic.

The inside front has a relief showing pictures of the dragons head, egg, baby and full body with descriptions of each part and the words Draco Ignis fire dragon in the right hand corner.  The inside has been left blank for you to be able to write your own personal greeting.

Perfect birthday card for anyone who loves Dragons.

Printed on FSC accredited paper with vegetable based ink by a printer who conforms to all ISO standards, tree friendly. Approx. 17 cm x 12 cm.  Please note that the design of the envelope may vary from the one shown.