Contented Birthday Greeting card by Peter Loveday

Funny card with a Birthday message for age with an old wizard sitting on rock seat.



This is a quirky print from Peter Loveday and probably best suited to people with a bit of a wicked sense of humour.

The front of the card gives a false sense of wonder with a pretty picture of a wise old man sitting on a rocky alcove with dragons flying about and loads of little hidden gem drawings as well. 

The words on the card read "With each Birthday the spirit evolves further beyond the shackles of the flesh, until the man of wisdom perceives that contentment lies not in material possessions -"

The inside of the card reads "- So i didn't bother to buy you a present.  have a contented Birthday" and comes with a plain envelope.

These are one of our larger cards with them measuring approx. 20 cm by 14 cm.

Printed on FSC accredited paper with vegetable based ink by a printer who conforms to all ISO standards, tree friendly.