One of history’s great protective symbols.

Snakes, especially the cobra, are often shown as guardians or protectors of sacred sanctuary’s, places of worship and other similar locations.

This connection probably originates from the observation that if threatened some snakes, particularly the cobra, often holds and defends their ground by using a threatening display and then attacking if necessary, only retreating if considerable outmatched.

Many cultures throughout history have held the cobra in high esteem and it is often found in many stories and legends sometimes appearing as a god or deity or as a symbol of one. Almost always as a protector or a guardian figure; for example, in Sikhism it was a cobra that protected a young guru Nanak Dev from the midday sun while he was in a deep meditative state.

Ancient Egypt probably has one of the most widely known connections to the cobra. They were used as symbols for many things such as the sun and Lower Egypt often depicted with a vulture, the symbol of Upper Egypt, around the eye of Horus, together they make a powerful symbol of unification and togetherness of the two lands.

The cobra is also a symbol of the goddess Wadjet who was the guardian protector of royal tombs. It was said that anybody who wanted to rob or vandalise a tomb would face the goddess who would spit venom at them.

In more modern cultures, because of their ability to shed their skin, they have become a strong symbol for rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing.

Contemporary beliefs also suggest that when a snake comes into your life you should expect sudden and swift changes throughout your life passing out of the old and into the new finding previously unknown powers of creativity and wisdom.  

This resin incense burner is a unique design to DMRLS.

The incense burner takes incense cones which, when burnt, will first slowly creep out of the hood in an atmospheric way, sometimes shrouding the cobra in a supernatural type mist or curling delicately away in beautiful spirals, the smoke never leaves the same way twice.

But that is not the end; the incense will build up in the head to allow it to also curl out of the mouth piece, this can be occasional or at the same time as the hood.  Due to its unique diffusion the Cobra Incense Burner has the same hypnotic beauty as flickering flames in a fire.

The air pressure and temperature will always effect the way the incense is diffused from the Cobra making it different every time you light it. Very special indeed.

The Cobra was designed by Jane Day and hand painted, with the finishing touches done by Jane herself in the UK.

The base is lined with a fireproof material which stops any heat transference from the cone downwards on to the furniture.  We have also added a locking safety feature so that the cobra can be twisted onto the base and lock, making the snake safe and easy to use.

Approx. size 27 cm high with a 16 cm diameter at the base.


The Original Satya Saibaba Nag Champa that started it all in 1964.

You cannot beat this amazing fragrance and is a staple incense to have in your home and a great one to start burning incense with.

It can be used to purify and sanctify your home or area and can help dreams and sleep.


Probably one of our most popular incense with the most awesome fragrance.  When lit your home will be filled with a sweet but subtle scent that will last for a good 12 hours +.

Dragons Blood incense is derived from a powder which is collected from various palm trees; from their fruit i.e the Malaysian Palm or from the stem of the Dragon Tree. (Daemonorops) or (Calamos)Draco.  Throughout the years it has been used for medicinal purposes, but today we have the incense sticks & cones that when burnt offer protection for your home by removing anything negative from it.

In witch craft and pagan it can be used for ritual purposes, spells to bring someone back that has left, protection and love.


Originally from South America, Palo Santo literally means Holy Wood and is part of the Citrus family.  It is used for health, energy, creativity and cleansing of your home and person.

When lit it makes a lovely drifting amount of incense smoke, that will hold in the air before moving around your home.  We only use incense difusers/burner/ash catchers as we feel this is the best way to burn incense, (full collection in our incense burner section).

Satya Palo Santo as with all Satya incense has that sweet undertone, but the Palo Santo wood scent is the prominent fragrance and as soon as it was lit the scent was already upstairs in seconds and it filled all the home in minutes


White Sage is a sweet fragrance leaving your home feeling clean and fresh and making you feel refreshed as well.

White Sage has always been used through the ages throughout different countries as a healing herb, cleanser and purifier, spiritually.  With its botanical name Salvia Apiana (the Latin name Salvia meaning Good Health) this pretty perennial plant is a perfect incense to burn.

Used generally to keep your home fresh and cleansed and/or cleanse spiritually, healing a stressful day or cleanse negativity from your home this is a beautiful incense to use.

Each Incense cone is manufactured in India.

Simply light the Incense cone and wait until the end glows. Blow out the flame and place the Incense cone in the Incense Holder/Burner. The wonderful scent of Dragons Blood will fill your home.

There is usually approx. 10 cones to each packet and comes with a small round soapstone disc for you to place your incense, if you do use this please make sure you have a plate underneath to collect the ash.

Finally you will receive information about your item and the incense on our enclosed leaflet with full instructions on use and meanings.