In ancient Egypt the Cobra was thought to symbolise wisdom also symbolising Royalty which can be seen on their crown.  They also became known as the protectors of the Pharaoh.

This resin incense burner is a unique design to DMRLS.

The incense burner takes incense cones which, when burnt, will first slowly creep out of the hood in an atmospheric way, sometimes shrouding the cobra in a supernatural type mist or curling delicately away in beautiful spirals, the smoke never leaves the same way twice.

But that is not the end; the incense will build up in the head to allow it to also curl out of the mouth piece, this can be occasional or at the same time as the hood.  Due to its unique diffusion the Cobra Incense Burner has the same hypnotic beauty as flickering flames in a fire.

The air pressure and temperature will always effect the way the incense is diffused from the Cobra making it different every time you light it. Very special indeed.

The Cobra was designed by Jane Day and made in China where is was hand painted, with the finishing touches done by Jane herself in the UK.

The base is lined with a fireproof material which stops any heat transference from the cone downwards on to the furniture.  We have also added a locking safety feature so that the cobra can be twisted onto the base and lock, making the snake safe and easy to use.

Approx. size 27 cm high with a 16 cm diameter at the base.

Check out our video of the Cobra burning on our instagram