Blue Sage and Flat Cedar Smudge Stick 17.5 cm

Flourecent Range


From Grand Mesa Colorado USA this is a lovely smudge stick from Blue Sage (Grandmother Sage) used for cleansing and exorcism and Flat Cedar used for blessing and offerings.

The stick is approx. 17.5 cm in length and is usually used for cleansing places, home or people.  Please make sure that when burning your smudge stick you have a shell or dish to catch the ashes.

Light the smudge stick, wait a moment, then blow out the flames.  Fan the embers lightly to keep smouldering (may need to be re-lit).  Use the smoke to wash persons, property, or spaces.  

Some customers just prefer to use the smudge sticks as a natural air freshener due to their amazing properties to clear the air and leaving the home fresh.