Black Copal Cahaya Incense Resin 20 grams in Glass Jar



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Black Copal Cahaya has a much richer and thicker scent than white or gold Copal.

The fragrance combination of pine with a citrus twist brings freshness into any room making it feel crisp and clean.

Traditionally used for removing negative energy and spiritual cleansing Copal is also burnt to purify and protect, bringing positivity and creativity into your life.  Copal's other uses can be to use to connect with spirits.

This resin is brought in from Indonesia and is available in approx. 20 gram in natural chunks down to fine grains in a sweet glass jar with a cork stopper.

To use resins make sure that you have a fireproof dish or charcoal burner part filled with sand, light your charcoal disc/biscuit until white around the edge and place into your burner/plate using tongs (as the charcoal will be excessively hot).

Place a small amount of resin onto the charcoal and the fragrant smoke will drift into your home.  If you wish to continue wanting the fragrance to continue just place another small amount after the first has finished, always keep an eye on the burner and never leave unattended or in reach of children or animals.

We try to make sure that we use as little plastic as possible and our resins, smudges, wood and herbs are bought in bulk and packed in air tight containers.  

In a 20 gram size you will receive a mixture of fine grains and larger resin pieces.