Balm of Gilead Quarter Ounce

Flourecent Range

SKU: H230

Balm of Gilead (Populus Candicans) is from the variety of Bursera family and are native to Africa and Asia; the North American variety can grow to 100 feet (30metres).

The herbs name comes from the ancient region of Gilead in Palestine which was known for its great healing powers in the balm.

When you burn the Balm of Gilead it will promote powerful healing, wholeness and attract love.  Burn on a Charcoal or sprinkle on burning Sage.

Or if you just love the fragrance, burn to freshen your home or use as a potpourri.  Please remember to always use a shell or fire proof container.  Never leave unattended.

We try to make sure that we use as little plastic as possible and our smudges, wood and herbs are bought in bulk and packed in air tight containers.  When posted they will be wrapped in brown paper and placed in a cardboard outer.  Try to keep the product in an airtight container, a glass jar or similar.