Back Flow Incense Burner Ceramic Apple Waterfall

Ceramic backflow burner showing smoke cascading down the leaf steps into the base.

Ancient Wisdom


This is a wonderful Apple design with a cascading waterfall inside to allow your backflow incense cone to flow incense smoke downward.  The outside is glazed in a blue drip with a matt bottom.

If you are using back flow incense burners for the first time (but are an avid user of traditional incense burners) this is a great addition for you to use.

If this is the first time you have ever used any kind of incense or burner please know that the fragrance of a back flow incense is less intense or fragrant as the traditional incense and is mainly used for its decorative use.  

How to Use

Place the back flow cone in the centre of the hole on the back flow burner.

Light the cone as per your packet instructions.  (unlike traditional incense cones you will need to let the cone burn down about a third before placing on to the incense burner).

To achieve the special effect of flowing atmospheric smoke the placement is crucial and you will need to place the burner in a still as possible position where no draughts can cause a disturbance to the effect (these include walking past, fans or air conditioners).

When you have finished using your back flow incense burner, after each use, make sure that you clean the burner with warm soapy water as the back flow incense cones will leave a residue and if this is not cleaned straight away the build up will block the hole.

Please insure that your burner is in a safe place away from children and animals.